Slay Queen Reacts After Seeing People Buy ‘Okrika’ Clothes. — “I’m So Shocked Right Now” she said.


Video of a Nigerian slayqueen screaming after bumping into an ‘okrika’ store has gone viral on social media.

In a video which she shared via Instagram, the lady seemed shocked and surprised, as she walked into the store to question the seller.

She asked the seller if Nigerians actually buy fairly used clothes to wear, and the seller nodded in affirmation.

She stated that she never believed people could buy clothes that have been worn by some other people, no matter the personality involved.

“I’m at the market now and can you just believe that I’m just discovering that there’s a place where Nigerians buy used clothes. I think they call it okarai-kai. Oh my God. I’m so shocked. So people wear used clothes in this country?”, She said.


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