FINALLY LEAKED! S*x Tape Of Tiwa Savage And Her Boyfriend While Cruising On Boat, Leaked

 In a recent update, the alleged s*x tape of Nigerian Singer Tiwa Savage has been leaked and is currently making rounds on social media.

Recall that weeks ago, the mother of one caused lots of uproars on social media after revealing that she was being blackmailed with her s*x tape.

The alleged s*x tape is said to be that of Tiwa Savage and her new lover. However, the singer claimed that someone is trying to blackmail her with the s*x tape and also noted that she wouldn' t succumb to being extorted because of it.

She even went as far as threatening to release it herself and also added that nobody can blackmail her for ' doing something natural' .
However, the singer alleged that the tape was accidentally posted on Snapchat by her lover who quickly deleted it but when he did, it was already late.

Well, weeks back, the s*x tape was said to be circulating on social media, but according to reports, the person in the tape isn' t Tiwa Savage, and when the matter seems to have died down, a new controversy spurs up.

In a recent update, Popular Instagram blogger Gistlovers has confirmed a new leaked s*x tape of Tiwa Savage and her lover as evident in her multiple Instagram pages.

In the alleged tape, Tiwa Savage and her lover allegedly had s*x on a Yacht after cruising with friends on the boat.

Not only the s*x tape, several pictures are also making rounds on social media, where the singer appeared to be in the outfit she wore the day the intimacy happened.

However, the s*x tape has caused lots of controversies on social media with social media users blaming the singer for allowing such act to be taped in the first place.


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